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Atlanta's own King of Kicks:  Sneaker Designer Shedrick Turner

Shedrick Turner, aka Kid Whip, has been drawing sneakers for years. He’s also been posting his sketches on Instagram. His followers include representatives from major shoe companies like Nike, where he has already been invited for an interview. A student at Georgia State University, Shedrick is on his way to earning a degree in studio art and hopes to get a job at a well-known shoe company after graduation.

Celebrity Barber Hollywood: The Triple Threat

In a city where self-expression is taken to new heights, there’s no shortage of individuals who want to break the mold. Sometimes, though, we tend to overlook the glam team who plays an essential role in bringing a new look to life. But Atlanta’s own Barber Hollywood, a legendary celebrity barber, is a name to never forget.

ET CALI: The Californian Trendsetter

ET CALI and Spite P.O.U.R. Reporter Karmen Rydem 

Many know him as ET the Radio Personality, but he is also ET the skateboard designer. The music enthusiast has been designing skateboards for almost four years, with inspiration that stems from his childhood and California upbringing. 

Sprite P.O.U.R. presents: Atlanta Artist Jermaine Clark (VIDEO)
Sprite P.O.U.R. presents: Atlanta Artist Jermaine Clark
Jermaine Clark, a very talented and ambitious young black painter from St. Louis, moved to Atlanta to further pursue his art career. He takes a different approach to his work than you might be used to. Jermaine tells Sprite that every piece he paints is a little piece of him.

Check Jermaine Clark out on Instagram @Xmaine and see more of his work at
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