T-shirt production company called Crew Nation that stems from his original love of film

Jp Author is an Atlanta native who originally started doing film, shooting several big shows for BET and other networks, but he has found a new passion in clothing design. He has recently started a T-shirt production company called Crew Nation that stems from his original love of film. His graphic tees may include things such as “Eat, Sleep, and Film,” which shows all his passions at once.

Jp is a very hungry and a very hard-working man. He puts his all into his new products and is very positive about what he thinks the future holds for him and the Crew Nation. When asked where he thinks his Crew Nation brand would be in one year, Jp said that he believes with his faith in God, Crew Nation will be a household name being sold at every mall and mom and pop store.

Seeing him in his studio illustrates his work ethic. When he gets in the lab to create the graphics for his shirts, when he's talking about the different fabrics and materials they should use for a particular type of shirt, it’s like watching a prize fighter or a race horse. His team — the Crew Nation — started in the film industry just like Jp. When they are having a little trouble with something or don't know the right route to go on a certain design, Jp gives them ideas from a film perspective to help them. It’s beautiful to see such teamwork in such a family-based environment.

So why should people support Jp’s brand? What is it about him and his product that deserves our money? With a very honest look on his face he said, “I just want the people to know that we made all of this stuff with the consumer in mind, every little detail in each product and design.

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