With singles  “Shinin’” and “That’s Her” and his current hit “Atlanta Lights”—now playing on radio stations around the country—Stuey Rock is no beginner when it comes to the Atlanta music scene. After undergoing numerous changes to his sound, he finally decided that he was going to start creating music that was a definite reflection of himself.

“The kind of music I make is ‘me’ music, doing what I want to do. It’s definitely built off of emotion and how I feel. I think before, I was giving people what they wanted but not necessarily giving them me, and when I started giving them how I felt, my music started to go a lot further,” Stuey Rock said.

A St. Louis native, Stuey Rock is a stickler for being true to himself. After starting his own label Fresher Den [Then] You, he came up with the slogan “Live Life Be Free.” He wants to encourage others to be true to themselves no matter what society or anyone else thinks.

In addition to his success as an independent artist, Stuey Rock is also known as J-Nicks, a host for the The Durtty Boyz, one of the top radio shows in the South. “Some people are so focused on being one thing and one thing only when they’re many other things and mountains to climb. If you are good at two or three things, do them all. You do not have to be set to one thing just because society or others make you think that,” Stuey Rock said.

He’s an excellent example of climbing all mountains, as an artist and host. He even goes a step further by producing his own music.

Look out for Stuey Rock and listen for his hit single “Atlanta Lights.” While you’re at it, tune into Hot 107.9 The Durrty Boyz from 6 to10p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Want more information? Follow him on Instagram at @StueyRockFDU, on twitter at @StueyRock or visit his website www.stueyrockfdu.com